Summer Sessions

by The Purple Sound Barrier

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released September 23, 2012



all rights reserved


The Purple Sound Barrier Cincinnati, Ohio

So, what's with the band's name? We considered but rejected several alternatives for various reasons - for example, Gesamtkunstwerk. Right. We chose The Purple Sound Barrier mainly because that was the name of our band in 7th grade. The Purple Sound Barrier is and was:

David T. Anderson: Vocals, guitar, and keyboards
PH: Vocals, drums, guitar, and keyboards
Chronos Chesterton: Keyboards, guitar
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Track Name: Politics

Look at me. I'm a cop. I'm a liberator.
Take away what you got. Prestidigitator.
Don't object. Put you in the refrigerator.
Make your choice.

Vote for me. Make you free. I'm a little better.
Than the schmuck with the plan... he's a bloodletter.
Make the way clear for you. I'm a go-getter.
Please trust me.

It's alright. It's alright.
What you want. What you need.
Tip the scales to one extreme.
There's no difference, baby.
No golden mean.

In the soup. Get you out. The eliminator.
Of the money and funds. I'm an alligator.
Swimming in sewer lines. I'm the separator.
Prop you up.

Check it out. It's for you if your patriotic.
Never mind if it's content is idiotic.
It's all worked out in lines that are semiotic.
Eat it up.


Walk the road that I make. I'm a trailblazer.
Set me up with a gift. I'm a hellraiser.
Fight for me. What I say's from a pro-phraser.
It's so clear.

What I say is the law. I'm a dictator.
Bring you out of this mess. I'm a simulator.
Take the bait. Here it is. I'm the legislator.
Hold me up.

Track Name: Apparition

I feel the rippling sands around me
And they burn through my feet
I grope through curtains of moonbeams
In a dark city street
It's all a matter of taste, dear
(Passengers on a boat)
I see you through a smudged window
On the waves do we float
It's true that you are my wasting
Waves are crashing on rocks
It's still ringing in my ear, love
Seagulls wheeling in flocks

I walk into a dark chamber
From the wind blowing wild
I fall into a deep slumber -
Seen through the eyes of a child
My ship is washed upon the strand, love
I hear faint sounds from the crew
I walk along the shore of dreams now
And I'm waiting for you

Till the sunrise clears away the misty field of dreams
Obscure phantoms shift and float in twilit fogs and steams
Scintillation grows from points well hidden in the gloom
You dissolve the veils of darkness, all begins to bloom
Apparition hov'ring closer, brightly deeply sighs
Enter into love so real, it dazzles half-shut eyes
Shaking, trembling through the fibers of your open limbs
Love is opening up your heart with sounds of lofty hymns
Track Name: Scrapbook

Star-coffered ceilings in cinnamon hotels
Carousel stallions are turning in tune
Drifting on breezes in sunny day mansions
Stroll by the shore on the grassy sand dune

Megaphone mustache through wallpaper scenery
Calling the strollers of pink promenade
Ladies in brilliantine carry umbrellas
Stop at the stand for a cool lemonade

Chorus: Shells on the seashore make tissued impressions
Walk by the sands of your fairyland mind
Gathering souvenirs for your grand scrapbook
Look in the clouds and see what you can find

Carousel playing calliope symphony
You greet the smiles of the committee chair
Polite amenities, no rude obscenities
Pass through waves of the vibrating air

Children are playing in sandcastle vestibules
Watching you as the waves sink in their moat
Descending spiraling sandcastle staircase
To swab the deck of their Candyland boat


You grace the halls of the memory institute
Lovely mementos unfold from the past
Change all the fleeting impermanent semblances
To frozen happenings structured to last

Melt all the icicles shaped from your fantasy
Crystal conceptions created in time
Radiant rainbows reflecting on haloes
Melting and flowing in clear pantomime